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Our Story

As an agronomist I especially love the beauty of nature. In combination with the rich history and traditions of our place, the idea for the creation of the "ROUTES" agro-tourism agency was born. Thousands of people will visit Messinia every year - all year round and the lucky ones will live special experiences with us. As we walk the path of life, we do not stop experiencing various things that complete our own "PATH" in the world. This is how the thought of our name came about, as through our services, literally but also figuratively, we have the possibility to participate in a part of your personal journeys. We would like to take the opportunity to get to know you by getting to know our place.

Our Mission

We try to be a separate tourist office in Messinia with agrotourism as the main subject. Imagine seeing most of the beauties of Messinia in a few days. Think it can't be done? Think about it again. We are here for you and the best routes with our minivan in Messinia! Here's why: "ROUTES" is the only agritourism agency with popular integrated tours in Messinia. It combines historical sights - culture, tradition through local customs and high gastronomy since Messinia is one of the few regions in Greece that exports a variety of products in large quantities. A tour of our routes and a few days of vacation in this holy place will leave you speechless. You will experience amazing views of the Castle of Pylos, Ancient Messina, the castle of Kalamata, but also beautiful landscapes from our cruise to Sfakteria in the summer months, the special beach of Vidokoilia protected by Natura and the local flavors that stand out and excel in wine, oil, local sweets, pasta and various others. Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most popular around the world. This tour will show you everything that Messinia has to offer without leaving you alone to get lost or miss every special corner of it.

Adventure Team

Full of passion and love for our place, "ROUTES" are pioneers in agritourism excursions, culinary experiences and exploration of Messinia and the surrounding areas.

Xara Korwnaiou

Owner and tour operator
My love for nature, tradition and the products that my place produces made me create the most beautiful and unique experience routes just for you.

Experiences with us

Historical sights, natural beauty, culinary exploration, tasting, local secrets, local entertainment, crystal beaches, tradition.

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